Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I'm not being slack...

... I've just had a lot of other things going on.

I never really thought anybody read my blog but since I stopped posting regularly, I've had a few people ask why.  It is kind of nice to know that some people were checking this space (and sorry for the lack of content to those who were).

Truth is, I can't see this space continuing regularly as it currently is.  I've never really had a proper purpose for my blog - which is apparently a key consideration when starting one according to a lot of 'how to start a blog' advice I've read over the years.

I am planning on starting a shiny new project (blog included) so planning ideas in my head for that have made updating this one less desirable.  

There have also been a few things stopping me from getting on with starting this new project.  Namely,

:: getting married (surprisingly time-consuming)
:: starting a new job (with more responsibility that I am used to)
:: getting a dog (also surprisingly time-consuming)

Needless to say, I haven't really been getting stuck into craft in the past few months besides some token efforts at Brown Owls (knitting that I have pulled apart a couple of times - including once when the dog decided to help me pull it apart - as well as a handful of pin cushions).

I will keep you posted on progress with the new project but I've decided it is not worth getting frustrated with myself for not using my spare time to progress it (as I was for a while).

In the meantime, some pictures relating to the above mentioned events - except the starting a new job one as I don't spend time taking selfies at work ;)

Most photos taken by Angie Roe.  Please do not use these photos without requesting permission!

We decided a 'wedding' wasn't for us so we got married at the Perth Registry on a Friday afternoon and then headed to the private dining room at the Print Hall (literally 10 paces away).  Definitely the right choice for us.  It was the best day.  Special, intimate, big.

Our cakes were from Mrs S and were yummo and very reasonably priced.

Our new addition - Suzi the wonder-dog.  
She's the best.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Chain of hearts

This chain of hearts has been lovingly looked after by Ry for at least a year now.  It started off as a cutting!  

The pot has been sitting on the ground but now that the plant is starting to look quite healthy, I decided it needed to get off the ground and get trailing.

I used this simple tutorial - with a few modifications - to make a macrame hanger.  I skipped the pom-poms and used longer lengths of jute.

Nice and easy!  

Stash buster

I say this all the time but I am definitely (planning) on making another quilt like this. I love the randomness.  I didn't purchase a single new fabric!  Not even for the backing or binding.

The colour combination might not be everyone's cup of tea but I'm chuffed.

Yay.  Quilt 2 down for 2014.  I need to make a new button for my blog!

Sunday, February 23, 2014


A friend asked me to make a quilt suitable for either a boy or girl.  We picked the colours together.  Even though we both wanted the yachts, I'm pretty sure we both had doubts as to whether it was going to come off looking a little too 'boyish'.  I know what my thoughts would have been if I were given this (that is, sailboats rock and are not gender specific)... but as I did not know the mum receiving this, I wasn't quite sure whether she would have different thoughts.

When finished, we showed this to a few of our friends who all could not tell whether it was for a boy or girl (so I gave myself a mental thumbs-up).

Inspired by this found on pinterest.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Zip bags

I made myself a 'cosmetic' bag!

Then I made my sister one for her birthday...

Then I got addicted and made my mum and other two sisters one each!

Now I'm dreaming of making more.  Unfortunately the colour choices at Spotlight for these chunky zips is limited so I'm on the hunt for an online seller that sells this style of zip.  Let me know if you have any recommendations!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I'm pleased to finally post some news about our Brown Owls group for 2014!

The big changes are
:: we have a new meeting place - the Alexander Park Craft House.  This should mean there is more room for those who want to work on something larger (think sewing machines, spreading out with paper crafts and cutting mats for quilting).

:: We will now be meeting in the mornings!  From 9am - 12pm to be precise.

:: There will be a new 'fee' structure (purely to cover the cost of the venue).  We will be introducing a once-off fee of $15 (to be paid at the first meeting you attend).

We will still be meeting on the third Sunday of each month.

For more information on Brown Owls, you may want to join our Facebook group where we post any news and there are many a question asked.

Looking forward to catching up again and perhaps even meeting some new faces in 2014!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Barbie's wardrobe

As soon as I learned that Sally's miss M is into Barbies at the moment, I jumped at the chance to finally make some of these vintage 12" doll patterns (aka 'Barbie', 'Sindy' or 'Darci' on the packets).  These are mum's.  Having four daughters, I think she made every garment at least once from these patterns.  The Simplicity 6363 is from 1984 and the other is also a Simplicity (6624) from 1966.  So one is from when I was a child and the other from when Mum was a child!  No wonder the packet has fallen apart *wink!

I started with this dress as it was always my favourite.  The best bit about this sort of sewing project is using the scraps of special fabric that are too small for much else.  

I added facing rather than try to hem a 2mm edge.  I also added an elastic waistband (it was supposed to have a tie but that's probably the first thing to get lost once the dress gets some playing action).

I had so much fun I attempted another as an LBD but I completed forgot to attach the elastic waistband this time and the sparkly fabric frayed every time I tried to unpick anything so figured Barbie would just have room for more champagne!

This was the 'evening dress'.  Not many party dresses do up with a long strip of Velcro at the back.  Luckily Barbie doesn't have to worry about mood-killers :)

Finally, the 'the Romper'... very 1980s.  Mum made us one out of a bit of thin velour/flannel type fabric.

I think I enjoyed this sewing project way too much!